Child Care Facility

The Design Process

As soon as you step into Sandy’s Kinderland, you know you are in a safe and welcoming environment especially designed to provide high quality childcare in a nurturing, inspiring and academically stimulating atmosphere.

Sandy’s Kinderland is committed to providing critical and individual attention to your child while delivering peace of mind to parents.

Kinder Connections

We understand how important it is to stay connected with your children while at work. Sandy’s Kinderland provides that peace of mind you need to keep you on the loop. Our parents have access to an electronic tool that allow them to stay informed of their children’s daily learning activities and routines, giving you that little bond between you and  your child.


Health and Safety

We provide the cleanest, most well-equipped facility. All staff members receive training in CPR and First Aid. All staff members undergo thorough background checks. Our teachers are trained to stimulate emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Our age–appropriate classrooms encourage learning, exploration, investigation, creativity, discovery and curiosity to develop the thinking skills and intellectual growth they need to be successful every day of their lives. Our classrooms are equipped with video monitoring systems for parent observation and administrative control.










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