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Our approach to teaching this age group as they explore the world is by using creative arts musical expressions, critical thinking and reasoning, while nurturing their progress toward preschool.

Learning Experiences

Discovery Preschool is designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child by incorporating daily learning and meaningful experiences to stimulate their natural curiosity and intelligence.

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Discovery Preschool Curriculum

Discover, explore, learn and grow with the following domains:


  • Social and Emotional Development: Independence, sharing, caring, exploring and learning how to make decisions are part of your early preschooler social  skills.


  • Cognitive Development: Sorting, matching, following easy directions, mixing, pouring and molding shaping materials help children develop their critical thinking skills.


  • Language Development: Engaging in finger plays and nursery rhymes, talking in sentences, learning new words and demonstrating alphabet knowledge will help your child develop new vocabulary and learn early literacy concepts.


  • Fine Motor Development: Grabbing writing and drawing tools, scribbling, painting encouraging the use of utensils and manipulating lacing cards will increase the development of your children fine motor skills.


  • Physical and Fitness: Giving lots of chances to jump, walk, crawl, roll, climb, hop, and move like animals do, children are developing large muscle strength and encouraging gross motor skills.


  • Enrichment Programs: Our Kinder-Times Enrichment Programs are designed with learning connections in mind, providing all children at all levels with new skills and discoveries, increasing school readiness, confidence and love of learning. They are an extension of your child’s daily activities.




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Professional team that aims to respect your child’s feelings, to give them responsibility,

independence and freedom to make choices.

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