Enrichment Programs

Our Kinder-Times Enrichment Programs are designed with learning connections in mind, providing all children at all levels with new skills and discoveries, increasing school readiness, confidence and love of learning. They are an extension of your child’s daily activities. Kinder-Times includes:



Our eight step

enrichment programs


Musical memories begin with Kindermusik, the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children birth through age seven. Language and Literacy, Math and Social-Emotional skills are integrated in the music curricula

Kinder Yoga

Yoga helps children develop body awareness. They also learn how to use yoga in a healthy way, by using meditation and breathing techniques, practicing different postures to develop confidence, relaxation, calmness and concentration.

Kinder Spanish

Learning a language is natural, and children are born with the ability to learn it.  Kinder Spanish will give your children the opportunity to enhance their skills by introducing them to new words and sounds, as it is essential for learning a world language.

Kinder Literacy

A cow says “moo”,  a sheep says “baa”, who is the main character of the story? what is the beginning sound of a word? Mommy, let me tell you the story of “the three little pigs” .... These are just a few examples of what your children will be achieving with our Kinder Literacy enrichment program.

Kinder Math

Understanding the concepts of sequencing, matching, sorting, graphing, counting, grouping, and comparing will support and reinforce our early learners with the essential components of our Kinder Math enrichment program.

Kinder A-STEM

Every young child approaches the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Kinder A-STEM was created to support learning in Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Early STEM skills lay the foundation for later success in school.

American Sign Language

All children learn best in a developmentally appropriate setting that offers them the support they need to be successful. Teaching children basic Sign Language will help them develop communicating skills even before they are able to speak.

Gymnastics and Dance

Nursery rhymes, ABC’s, 123’s...these foundational concepts are often associated with a great start. Keeping children active and healthy is critical to have a successful school career. Gymnastics and Dance will embrace health and wellness as an important factor in your children’s early childhood experience.



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