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Preschool education is an essential and necessary step to help your children build a strong foundation to enter Kindergarten with confidence.

At Sandy’s Kinderland, our Preschool Program begins at the age 3. At this age your child is now independent, curious and into lots of exploration. Toys, equipment and activities are designed to encourage discovery and learning.

Preschool Excels

A Preschool day begins in the morning with circle time, and activity that encourages social participation. They will be engaged with daily routines that encourage curiosity, problem-solving, and the generation of ideas and fantasy through exploration. Preschool provides a wonderful opportunity to allow children the freedom to develop and grow with independence and confidence.

Sandy’s Kinderland preschool classrooms are designed to promote educationally meaningful impacts within our children, producing positive outcomes across the areas of development.



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Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum includes the following domains:


  • Social and Emotional Development: Sharing, following directions, making friends and being silly are just the beginning of your preschooler social and emotional development.
  • Cognitive Development: Sorting and matching by colors, understanding positional words, setting the table or putting puzzle pieces together will help your preschooler understand and develop their logical thinking skills.
  • Language Development: Learning the alphabet sounds, expressing thoughts and needs, engaging in conversations and retelling stories are just a few examples of your preschooler’s language and literacy development.
  • Fine Motor Development: Zipping, snapping, lacing, grabbing writing and drawing tools, painting and manipulating lacing cards will increase the development of your child’s fine motor skills.
  • Physical and Fitness: Showing children how to hop like a rabbit, waddle like a duck, slide like a snake or run like a deer, will help them increase their physical development.
  • Enrichment Programs: Your preschooler day will also be filled with enrichment activities to enhance their learning. Kindermusik, increasing school readiness  and sharing the joy and power of making music, Kinder Yoga, Kinder Spanish, Kinder Literacy, Kinder Math, Kinder A-STEM, Gymnastics, Dance and American Sign Language.


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Professional team that aims to respect your child’s feelings, to give them responsibility, independence and freedom to make choices.

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