Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. Sandy’s Kinderland is equipped with a state of the art security system to give you that peace of mind you need while at work. Please reassure that we take the necessary steps to keep your precious little one safe and sound.

Coded Entry System

Sandy’s Kinderland has a secure system to enter the facility. Every family who enrolls their child at our center receives a code to access our doors. Nobody is allowed into our facility without identification.

Sprinkler System and Air Circulators

Our center is equipped with sprinklers in all our rooms to provide an extra layer of security in case of an emergency, as well as air circulators, that are highly efficient air moving devices, to help promote ventilation and avoid contamination.








Video Monitoring Security Cameras

State requirements, policies and procedures are implemented daily and to acknowledge our trained teachers during the process, our classrooms are equipped with video monitoring cameras that will guide us decide the areas of professional development when needed.







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