Our Philosophy

We believe that Early Childhood plays a valuable role that influences the social and emotional development of your child.

At Sandy’s Kinderland we are committed to provide you with a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment to help your child develop the thinking skills and intellectual curiosity they need to be successful every day of their lives.

The Fun Of Learning

Sandy’s Kinderland nurtures and educates every aspect of a child’s development. This philosophy incorporates our course of study “The Creative Curriculum” by Teaching Strategies. A curriculum which focuses on developing your child’s interests and abilities, creating active learning experiences in four general areas of development; Social/Emotional, Physical, Language and Cognitive; but also including content areas such as Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, The Arts, English Language Acquisition and World Language.

“The Creative Curriculum” has helped Teachers understand developmentally appropriate practice and how to create daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children’s strengths, interests and needs.

Exploring and Growing with Sandy’s Kinderland

In the simplest terms, the Sandy’s Kinderland learning environment is designed to promote, investigate and explore the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and Expectations aligned with The Creative Curriculum.

By focusing on nurturing the developmental areas, methods are created to build an early foundation with basic academic skills needed to achieve life’s success.

Our passionate and dedicated Teachers know and understand your child’s development and use this information to guide their planning and decision making.

Children should always be given proper individualized attention, making them feel loved, accepted, respected, valued and special every day of their growth.

Give Your Child The Freedom to Learn, Explore and Grow with Sandy’s Kinderland; Where The Fun of Learning Takes Place….